Bike Chain Lube - Wet Blend

Bike Chain Lube - Wet Blend

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Size: 50ml

Revolubes Wet Blendour original blend formula boosted with water repellent and rust inhibitors for protection against corrosion and washout.

Unlike other wet lubes, it is not sticky and doesn't gunk up, due to our "dry coating" technology. The combination of compounds provides smooth drivetrain operation and ease of pedalling in the wettest conditions.

The Wet Blend is best suited for: Road & Off-Road riders or bike-packers, who require smooth and reliable performance over long distances in mixed or extended wet weather conditions. 

Short usage information:

  1. The lube performs best on a pre-cleaned chain.
  2. Dose a drop-per-link with the dropper provided.
  3. Spin the drivetrain for a couple of times.
  4. Wipe away any excess lube using a cloth.
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