Bike Chain Lube - Clear Blend

Bike Chain Lube - Clear Blend

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Revolubes™ Clear Blend is a bicycle chain lubricant crafted for performance, with Modified Calcium Sulfonate Complex technology, primarily used in rough, industrial applications.

Engineered for power saving and endurance, our advanced formula ensures lasting durability, reliability, and smooth operation through the most demanding scenarios.

Delivering unparalleled reduction of friction, wear, and power loss, even beyond chain's yield stress, by bonding chemically with the chain's material to create a colourless, durable, and dry layer, separating the cooperating surfaces.

Revolubes™ excels in a variety of cycling disciplines including road racing, velodrome, gravel, MTB, and cross-country adventures.

It effortlessly seeps into chain links, ensuring optimal lubrication with each application, and once the coating has established, the carrier can be wiped off, leaving the chain dry in appearance, which prevents the drivetrain from collecting dust and debris.

Not only will it keep your socks clean, but provide that "buttery smooth" feel, as if the chain wasn't even there.

Thoroughly tested and awarded by Zero Friction Cycling - the world's leading independent bicycle chain lubricant test facility, for single application longevity and protection against chain wear:

The Clear Blend is best suited for: Velodrome; Dry Road, Gravel, MTB

Short usage instructions:

1. The lube performs best on a pre-cleaned chain.
2. Dose a drop-per-link with the dropper provided.
3. Spin the drivetrain for a couple of times.
4. Wipe away any excess lube using a cloth.

For more usage info, refer to relevant instruction.

*Label design may vary.

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