Bike Chain Lube - Limited Winter Blend

Bike Chain Lube - Limited Winter Blend

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Size: 50ml

Revolubes Limited Winter Blend - Specifically designed for harsh winter conditions to fit those who spin regardless of the weather. 

Based on our original blend receipe, the Winter Blend is boosted with:

  • Rust inhibitors to protect your drivetrain from corrosive road salting.
  • Water-repellent compound to tackle residual moisture.
  • Surface-tension modifier, so mud and dirt come off effortlessly. 
  • Extreme-Pressure additives for chain snap prevention on high-torqued e-bikes.

All the above features make Revolubes Limited Winter Blend a great choice, not only for athlethes, but for commuters and delivery riders as well.

Short usage information:

  1. The lube performs best on a pre-cleaned chain.
  2. Dose a drop-per-link with the dropper provided.
  3. Spin the drivetrain for a couple of times.
  4. Wipe away any excess lube using a cloth.
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