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Power Machinery

Power Machinery

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Size: 3x 250ml bottle.

Revolubes™ Power Machinery  is an advanced oil artery maintenance product for petrol and diesel engines. This three-stage set is designed to recover, boost and maintain the performance of your car's or motorcycle's engine, whether your demand is for robustness and cutting-edge results in racing or simply reliability and fuel economy in commuting.

Recover engine performance with Revolubes™ engine flush by removing any deposits and contamination accumulated in the engine, leading to performance deterioration. The flush is based on active industrial soaps and surfactants, and has lubricative properties of its own, preventing engine seizure during the process. 

Boost engine performance with Revolubes™ coating & dry running technology reducing internal drag and wear, and strengthening the surfaces of cooperating parts during high load intervals, common in racing and haulage conditions, or cold starts while commuting in winter months. 

Maintain engine and oil performance with Revolubes™ set of selected inhibitors, preventing the loss of oil's lubricative properties and engine faults during extreme conditions such as overheating, pressure spikes or excessive load. Keep the engine free of deposit accumulation and prolong oil's life up to 18,000 miles or 3 years. 

Reduce your car’s environmental impact by improved fuel economy, reduced spare parts use and waste oil disposal by up to 3 times!

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