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Fishing Reel Lube

Fishing Reel Lube

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Size: 50ml bottle with atomiser.

Revolubes™ Fishing Reel Lube – Doesn’t matter if you are an experienced angler or a beginner, one thing you certainly rely on is your reel though the last you need is it to fail during a catch.

Combining our coating technology with significant reduction of stiction, Revolubes got you covered on a lake or in the sea.

  • Fast and easily penetrating formula.

  • Applicable for spinning, multiplier, centrepin and fixed spool reels.

  • Quickly and effectively removes any jams, rattling and squeaking.

  • Prolongs reel’s lifespan by establishing durable dry coating layer, that enhances reel’s robustness at high and long-lasting load intervals.

  • Significant reduction of stiction (static friction), ensures undisturbed, smooth operation, longer casting and quicker retrieval at frequent repetition intervals.

  • Clean and easy to maintain, does not attract dirt and is highly resistant to corrosion even in sea environment.
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