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Chainsaw Chain Lube

Chainsaw Chain Lube

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Size: 50ml bottle with pipette applicator.

Revolubes™ Chainsaw Chain Lube - Our well-developed and proven technology provides you with extraordinary performance under load, heat, and contamination a chainsaw works in.

Ensuring durability, robustness and failure-free operation of your power-tool by bonding chemically and physically modifying the chain's material.

  • Fast and easily penetrating formula aided straight to the chain and guide bar.

  • Eliminates the need of constant lubrication, thus works even if the oil’s hole gets clogged.

  • Significantly reduces friction between the chain and the guide bar, thus reducing heat transfer and preventing guide bar’s deformation – twisting, bending, edges roll over.

  • All year round - applicable in wide temperature range: -40°C to 300°C (-40°F to 572°F)

  • Does not fling off due to the coating technology and does not cause the chips to stick, maintaining the saw in clean conditions.
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