About Us

Welcome to Revolubes, a brand of lubrication products, established under AM Diagnostics Ltd. in 2019. AM Diagnostics is a family-owned technology company that initially focused on maintenance and lubrication in industrial applications.

Who are we? First and foremost, we are engineers who are curious about the world and willing to put in a lot of effort to understand a problem, its specifics, and, above all, find its solution. It is precisely in this way that Revolubes was created. It is a response to the problems that affect all mechanical parts that experience friction, especially under heavy loads.

Since our establishment in 2016, we have been serving companies in the automotive and manufacturing industries in multiple locations in the United Kingdom and abroad. We provide expert advice and high-quality lubrication products to enhance machine reliability and maximize their uptime.

But besides that, we are also two wheelers enthusiasts. Some of us prefer road cycling, high speed, cadence, and long distances, others are passionate about mountains, forests, and off-road riding - in other words, the broad concept of enduro. That's why we have created the Revolubes product line for bicycles. Because we know and understand the problems that affect us as cyclists, both in terms of combating friction forces that make our ride more challenging and in terms of equipment performance, rapid wear, and how frustrating it can be, especially in times of high inflation and difficulties in parts availability.

Our journey with Revolubes began in 2019 as a result of our extensive experience in industry. However, recognizing that one solution does not fit all, we conducted thorough research to determine whether our products would meet the requirements of various outdoor activities.

The chain lubricant testing was conducted in collaboration with Adam Kerin from Zero Friction Cycling (Australia), who specializes in testing bicycle chain lubricants using robust and demanding protocols, including 10,000 km of testing with each product. So far, his portfolio of tested lubricants has significantly expanded, and the total distance covered in the tests has exceeded 300,000 km.

As ZFC primarily focuses on the cycling market, a key discovery about Revolubes is that they are perfectly suited for cyclists. With just one application, Revolubes provide low friction and low wear that can endure over 1100 km, making them ideal for cycling but not limited to this outdoor discipline alone.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have been able to adapt our business operations by transitioning to an online mode, but it has not diminished our commitment to delivering the highest quality products to our customers. Our main point of sale is our online store, where we continue to serve our customers with unparalleled excellence.

Our products are blended in the United Kingdom, and although some compounds are imported from abroad, we constantly seek partners both in the UK and internationally to minimize import costs and ensure the best quality for our end customers, even in the face of regulations imposed by Brexit.

Revolubes is more than just a product; it is a symbol of our commitment to excellence, reliability, and delivering the highest quality to our customers. Regardless of your hobby or professional activity, choose Revolubes and experience for yourself the difference our technologically advanced products can make.