Revolubes - Chain Lube.

The necessity of chain lubrication doesn’t require any justification – everyone knows that a clean and lubricated chain will reward you with long-lasting, smooth operation. In contrast, a neglected chain will quickly and painfully hit your wallet, not to mention the drag that will be incurred whilst riding.

Hardly anyone realises that each chain link consists of eight elements. The outer and inner tiles, rollers and pins, together create seven sliding surfaces. Regardless of how small they are, they provide a significant drag force when combined. Chain manufacturers try to overcome the effect by  using materials with reduced friction coefficients but, nevertheless, you will not go far without proper lubrication. According to a study by Friction Facts, an American research and tuning company, after the cross-country race, the chain friction increases by more than two Watts. Accordingly, a completely purified chain (cleaned supersonically with a use solvent) generated a resistance of more than 16 Watts, compared to one properly prepared for riding.

Revolubes™ lubricants were initially being used in industry, to minimise friction-caused energy loses and machinery downtimes. This fact constitutes Revolubes as the only brand on the market, which products have been tested and certified accordingly to ASTM standards. Revolubes' nano-technology is also being utilised in military, due to their outstanding lubrication features in all possible conditions on planet earth. 
Revolubes lubricants are a revolution in the market for bicycles' and motorbikes' chain drives. It is a line of professional lubricants, unique in terms of the applied base – complex, modified calcium sulfate and a metal’s outer layer modifying  additive - which effectively eliminates all common problems known to chain lubrication: 

  • Low viscosity ensures outstanding penetration features, providing the lube to find its way to where it is needed most - inside the links, rather than just outside.
  • Increases chain's material load capacity by 500%, what effectively translates to significantly reduced wear at the pin to plate connection, providing protection from chain "stretch'' and snapping.
  • Reduces friction coefficient by two orders of magnitude, providing smooth and quiet chain's operation and lower power demand. 
  • All weather alternative to wet, dry, ceramic, PTFE or wax lubricants. Creates alkaline bonded coating that cannot be washed-out, squeezed-out and prevents the chain from oxidation - rust.
    The "dry" coating significantly prevents the collection of dust and dirt and provides easy cleaning. 
  • Easy to apply with a pipette that prevents overdosing and waste. 50 [ml] bottle is more than 400 [ml] spray can.
  • Long lasting, good looking and environment friendly - Revolube does not turn black over time due to ageing and operation, preventing environment contamination. Small required amounts and outstanding ageing resistance will provide you with clean drive-train, rims and frame parts. 



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