MIND Bicycle Chain Lube

MIND lube is what your bike needs. Developed for the military and tested in heavy industries, now available for your chain lubrication.

Whether you’re a professional or you just enjoy riding your bicycle, MIND ensures that the only thing you have to worry about is the road ahead... or lack of it.


NATO-certified lubrication solution.

MIND delivers cutting-edge military technology available to you. The lubricants, based on calcium sulfate, can be relied on in extreme weather and environment conditions.

The solution, which  has also been tested and successfully applied in various industries ranging from heavy metallurgy to food production.
MIND provides you with reliable technology that works!


Only MIND lubricants bond chemically to metals creating a thin self-lubricating, boundary layer which guarantees insane, surface load capacity - at least 500% higher than other lubricants available on the market.

Non-stickiness is achieved after the base has evaporated, establishing a self-lubricating, 100% dry coating. This prevents premature wear ensuring that no dirt attaches to the gear.

Chemical bonding allows MIND to be also 100% wash-out resistant.

MIND's chemical coating also prevents your gear from oxidation, what simply means your metal elements will never get rusty again.

Due to the low density of the lube, MIND can reach every nook and cranny of you equipment. This ensures the best lubrication, ensuring that all moving elements are protected from unnecessary stresses, caused by jamming rolls or plates, that can cause sudden ruptures and vulnerabilities.

MIND works in every condition - from -60 to +300 deg. C




MIND Chain Lube

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