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The necessity of chain lubrication doesn’t require any justification – everyone knows that a clean and lubricated chain will reward you with long-lasting, smooth operation. In contrast, a neglected chain will quickly and painfully hit your  wallet, not to mention the drag that will be incurred whilst riding.

Hardly anyone realizes that each chain link consists of eight elements. The outer and inner tiles, rollers and pins, together create seven sliding surfaces. Regardless of how small they are, they provide a significant drag force when combined. Chain manufacturers try to overcome the effect by  using materials with reduced friction coefficients but, nevertheless, you will not go far without proper lubrication. According to a study by Friction Facts, an American research and tuning company, after the cross-country race, the chain friction increases by more than two Watts.  Accordingly, a completely purified chain (cleaned supersonically with a use solvent) generated a resistance of more than 16 Watts, compared to one properly prepared for riding.

Revolubes is a revolution in the market for bicycle and motorcycle chain drives. It is a line of professional lubricants, unique in terms of the applied base – complex, modified calcium sulfate and a metal’s outer layer modifying  additive - which effectively eliminates all common problems known to chain lubrication.

The formula eliminates all downsides of manual lubrication by creating a very durable, self-regenerating, chemically bonded surface layer on your chain links and sprockets that eliminates potential issues:

  • It is resistant to water or solvents.
  • It cannot be squeezed out from between the surfaces, due to chemical bonding.
  • It doesn’t collect dirt or dusts, because it leaves your chain dry but lubed.
  • Due to the surface modification effect, it prevents material loss, thus it:
    • Prevents from chain stretch:
      • Preserves designed clearances between links’ components
      • Provides high load capacity to pins, plates and link holes – exceeding 500% of nominal material capacity, without its plastic deformation.
      • Prevents from mutual rollers and sprockets deformation as a further consequence of chain stretch.
      • Ultimately, it eliminates the risk of chain snap.
    • The chemically bonded layer covers the top material’s surface what prevents your chain from getting rusty, so:
      • Your chain links are covered from ceasing and the whole chain from stiffening. This further reduces the stresses, that would drive your chain to failure.
      • Ensures smooth gear shifting.
      • Significantly reduces internal system’s resistance.
      • Ensures a quieter operation.
      • Looks better.


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