SAL results - very wet/muddy Gravel/MTB/CX conditions.

The extreme contamination sequence has shown that the Revolubes' advantage for Road - thin formula minimizing stiction and internal drag, therefore saving Watts, requires some enhancement to provide additional isolation and prevent external contamination to penetrate chain links in wet and muddy off-road conditions. 

Note that the chain used for the test has been pre-worn during Dry Road and Dry MTB parts of the test, having larger clearances which are easier for dirt and dust to penetrate.

The seal-off effect is achieved by mixing Revolubes Chain Lube & Chain Grease together and applying the paste in between the side plates and rollers connections. This alone doubles the wear-free distance, covering your bike for the whole day event.


  • Single Revolubes treatment lasts up to 100mls - wear-free range.
  • Perform a deep, immersive clean or pressure washer rinse before each application.