SAL results - dry road conditions.

Revolubes showed very little wear, even as the kms continued on and on. There was no “jump point” in wear with Revolubes in dry road test. Jump points are more common with waxes / chain coating type lubricants where they remain very low friction and wear until the coating is worn through and then a significant ramp in friction and wear. Wet lubricants offering good treatment longevity often will not demonstrate a clear jump point, just keep clocking in a low wear rate every check measure all the way from check measure one to end of test.
This was the case with Revolubes, with it demonstrating very low wear, typically 1 to 2% only every check measure across the dry road test. The test for this block stops at 2250km (150km check measure intervals) and Revolubes had only recorded 12.0% wear out of an allowed 20% wear allowance (of the recommended 0.5% wear replacement mark for chains).

As such the final figure recorded is simply a straight extrapolation of that figure – it may have had a jump point at some stage be it 2500 km or 3000km however, ZFC has to cut the tests off at that point or testing would simply take forever.

The test has been repeated for Revolubes being applied with pipette applicator instead of an immersive soak. Both results barely differ, confirming  Revolubes' great penetration features, which actually eliminate the need for immersive application.


  • Single Revolubes treatment lasts up to 700mls - wear-free range.
  • Perform a deep clean every 3 applications.
  • One drop per link provides the same results as immersive application.