SAL results - dry Gravel/MTB/CX conditions.

Dry Gravel/MTB/CX also went extremely well and adds some valuable insight compared to the wear rate recorded in dry contamination block 2 of the main test. In short, the overall wear rate for the first 1050km of this test was 7.74%, whereas in the main test, Revolubes recorded 18.3% for the 1000km block.

It is clear that with Revolubes being such an extremely long-lasting lubricant, the standard re-lube intervals in the main test protocol (200km - 400 km of machine ride) do more harm than good, likely transporting more contamination from outside chain into the chain.

With such a long-lasting application, it is clear (and in the main test ZFC did note that the chain was wetter and more dirty than desirable and that this may be due to over application on the standard re application intervals), that Revolubes should be reapplied at much longer intervals in real world riding both on road and if one was to use off-road.

More care will still need to be taken to re-lube for those riding off-road, to ensure contamination is not transported inside from the chain's surface. Unfortunately, even wiping the chain can easily press contamination inside between a roller and inner plate links, and then the re-lube brings this contamination deeper into the chain. For this reason, immersive clean or pressure washer rinse is advisory.

  • Single Revolubes treatment lasts up to 300mls - wear-free range.
  • Use small amounts of Revolube and wipe off any excess.
  • Perform a deep clean before each application.