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The reason you’re here is most probably because you’re real cycling enthusiast, which means that besides taking the joy from riding, you pay a lot of attention to your gear maintenance.

Lot’s of it concentrates on proper lubrication, as lubrication can be costly...
The good news is you don’t need to look any further, cause Revolube is the best lubricant money can buy!

Why’s that?
Revolubes addresses the main and most frequently repeating problems, that other lubes don’t:

  • It doesn’t accumulate dirt and dust on chain and sprockets
  • It doesn’t turn black, leaving drivetrain and rim clean and shiny
  • It’s water repellent and washout resistant, thus stays in its place
  • It’s very efficient - one application lasting for 1000+ miles
  • Significantly reduces drive-train's internal drag, providing excellent performance
  • Ensures high gear’s durability, making maintenance less frequent and hassle free


Now, we’re running a pre-sale campaign, where you can get it at much reduced price, for just £11.90 and check it for yourself. 
It is totally risk-free, as the payments are provided, either by Shopify Payments™ or PayPal™.

The package includes:

  • Chain drive-trains' Revolube
  • Bearings’ grease sample - product being officially released in early 2020.
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