Revolubes - friction is fiction

What was the cleanest and best performing chain lube you have ever treated your bike with?

What if there was a solution that leaves a dry chain that doesn't attract all the dirt from trails and yet gives you 8 Watts savings at each climb, dead silent drivetrain operation and over 500 miles on single application?

Oh, and we are not talking "dry" like dry lube or wax.
We're talking sand dry!

Revolubes™ brings you the state-of-the-art lubrication solutions straight from industry, where machinery reliability stands for desired and long up-time, quality and cost effectiveness, setting a new standard for lubrication in cycling disciplines - hundreds of satisfied users confirm: it’s not just a lube, it’s a friction fighter!

Not just users though. Revolubes has been thorouhly tested by the most significant research institutions in their fields: Zero Friction Cycling and American Society for Testing and Materials:

*Note from ZFC: "Despite the test being 250w, which is greater than most average on training rides, the smooth nature of machine run seems to deliver much longer treatment lifespans vs real riding where the sinosoidal loading of pedalling action delivers much greater peak forces even for the same avg power, and the environment - like riding your ergo - has less airborne contamination. For the Single application test, based on when some clear is beginning, real world training where treatment has moved from silky smooth zone etc, I would suggest real world results treatment lifespan at approx 1/3rd of wear jump point km's attained on test machine. Note ZFC is always conservative re treatment lifespans - real world results will vary depending on your power, riding style, environment - conservative estimate is best as a guide just in case."

*Note from ZFC: "The test for this block stops at 2250km (150km check measure intervals) and Revolubes had only recorded 12.0% wear out of an allowed 20% wear allowance (of the recommended 0.5% wear replacement mark for chains) for the Single application longevity test. As such the final figure recorded is simply a straight extrapolation of that figure"

Revolubes well-developed, cutting edge technology provides you with extraordinary performance under load, ensuring smooth drivetrain operation under any condition:

  • High washout, ageing and corrosion resistance ensure long re-application intervals, covering you for 500 miles on a single top-up.
  • No more alternating between wet or dry lubes whenever the weather change.
  • No more topping up after each ride either – it is and apply and forget formula providing Watt savings, durability, smooth operation
  • You can finally get that fancy colour chain for your bike - the dry coating effect will preserve it.
  • If you are a fan of chain waxing, you will be pleased with the similar ride feeling and cleanliness with much less hassle involved.
  • Initially designed for industrial purposes, but if it protects mining excavators and heavy machinery, so it will do your bike!

The cleanest and best performing chain lube out there! 

How it works?


Revolubes™ ingredient reacts with your chain’s material, creating a mono-molecular, hard to break and highly friction resistant layer on top of it by means of modern chemistry. We will literally only just scratch the surface here, so please make sure to sign-up to our newsletter for more details.

The Layer

The settled coating established through chemical bonding with chain’s material, stays dry and embedded being not only impervious to dirt, but cannot be washed-out, squeezed-out (no metal-to-metal contact where the roller hits the sprocket) and prevents the chain from rusting, making it an all-year-round solution. It does not sling off or drip, turning your bike into a green-peace wet nightmare and is safe to use on velodromes.
Formation of the boundary layer, due to the chemical reaction;
1 - Steel; 2 - Coating; 3 - Oil with EP additives

The Surface

Revolubes™ modifies chain’s surface, reducing the friction coefficient 5 to 7 times and increasing its material’s load capacity by 500%. All of this is done by exchanging the shear “wear-in” process for a plastic “lay-down” of cooperating surfaces - the material’s excess from crests fills the adjacent voids, smoothing the cooperating surfaces and ensuring flawless and dead silent drivetrain operation, prolonged life-span and lower power demand.
Chain side plate's surface under microscopic view.
Revolubes ingredients cause the material's excess to float providing further surface smoothening. 



Revolube comes as a thin liquid. Fast and easy to apply with a pipette, which prevents overdosing and waste. Also keeps your brake discs, rims and frame away from being sprayed over. Outstanding penetration features ensure the lube gets into every nook and cranny, providing lubrication where it is needed most - inside the links, rather than just outside.


Long lasting performance, pristine clean drivetrain appearance, reduced drag and environment friendly. Revolubes™ outstanding ageing resistance provides you with clean drivetrain, rims, and chain stays for long. It does not turn black, nor build up the black gunk residue, unpleasant in appearance and nasty for the environment. The lubricative properties are embedded in your chain, without any fluid separating chain parts.

Drag reduction so significant, that:
"Revolubes™ handles high load so much better ie. slow cadence, high watt climbing and gear changes so smooth, you can’t tell the chain is there. Revolubes™ is a supreme solution for professionals in all cycling disciplines!" – Chris Silver, CES Sports, February 2020.
Assuming that you ride around 300 miles a week, apply every two weeks to be on a safe side. Although, according to TWMP's three months test's results, Revolube held for entire duration on single application in wet Scottish weather! Check the review below!

Partners and Cycling Teams:

Revolubes™ proudly supports British Cycling Teams in their quest for improving results.

Hundreds of satisfied users confirm Revolubes™ outstanding performance!

See what they say and join the revolution.


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