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The necessity of chain lubrication does not require any justification – everyone knows that a clean and well lubricated chain will reward you with long-lasting, smooth operation. Neglected one however, not only will wear out quickly, taking sprockets along, but painfully hit your wallet. 

This is why we bother with lubricating, very often expensive, bike’s drivetrains: lifespan and wattage saving, what effectively translates to lower internal drag, optimised power usage and better trial times.
According to a study by Friction Facts, an American research and tuning company, after the cross-country race, the chain friction increases by two to five Watts. On the other hand, a completely purified chain (cleaned supersonically with a use of solvent) generated a resistance of more than 18 Watts, compared to one properly prepared for riding. It brings me to a nostalgic reflection that, if only bicycle chains could go through some kind of oil sump, where it would get cleaned and lubricated each time it turns, then the problem would seem to be solved! Like with my car’s timing chain that has done 100 000 miles and it is still, as good as new.

In a quest for holy grail.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with bike’s chains for variety of reasons and cyclists need to alternate between solutions depending on when and where they are riding. Let us have a closer look at them:

Wet Lubes: 

Good for Autumn and Winter, when often riding on wet and salty roads or through paddles and in rain showers, wet lubes do not get washed-off easily, resist salt corrosion and reduce drive train noise.

The backside is that due to the sticky nature, they attract dirt that led to build up, creates a grinding paste of dirt, dust and metal particles coming from chain and sprockets mutual wear. They also oxidise (age) and turn to and build up a black, unpleasantly looking gunk on your components, requiring a regular degreasing, cleaning and relubrication every 100 miles on average.

Dry Lubes:

Great for late spring and Summer time, while riding in dry and dusty conditions like roads, off-roads, or gravel tracks. They are lighter, cleaner and attract much less dirt than wet lubes, due to their paraffin wax base at most times.

Unfortunately, they are less durable and easily washed off with water. On average, an 80 miles ride in dry condition can see lubrication drastically reduced. Not to mention, that only a percentage of a can content is the actual oil, the rest is a solvent to aid the application and evaporate after.


Great all year-round lubrication option for those seeking wattage savings, long lasting performance, and great, clean look. Waxing provides a quasi-solid, water repellent lubricant that separates co-working parts and delivers for about 300 miles on average.

The downside is, that waxing requires a substantial stock of tools, knowledge and extensive maintenance - dismounting and mounting back the chain at each application, not to mention the repetitive thorough cleaning.

Holy Grail?

What if you could combine all pros and get rid of all cons at the same time? Wouldn’t that be a game changer? 

Apparently, the solution has appeared lately and its name is Revolube - a novelty on the cycling market that combines the durability and smoothness of wet lubes, the cleanliness of dry ones and longevity of paraffin waxes, leaving all their flaws behind. Revolube creates a mono-molecular, hard to brake and friction resistant layer on your chain's surface by means of modern chemistry.

  • The settled coating, established through chemical bonding with chain’s material, not only is impervious to dirt but cannot be washed-out, squeezed-out (no metal to metal contact where roller hits the sprocket) and prevents the chain from rusting, making it an all year-round solution. It does not sling off with rotation, turning your bike into a green-peace wet nightmare and does not drip, so it is safe to use on velodromes. 
  • Reduces friction coefficient by two orders of magnitude and increases chain's material load capacity by 500%. What effectively translates to significantly reduced wear, longer equipment lifespan, smooth and quiet chain's operation, and lower power demand.
  • It comes as thin liquid, ensuring outstanding penetration features, providing the lube to get to every nook and cranny, providing lubrication where it is needed most - inside the links, rather than just outside.
  • Fast and easy to apply! The first time only requires prior preparation, but the subsequent applications are virtually plug ’n’ play.
    Applied accurately with a pipette, prevents overdosing and waste, keeping your brake discs, rims and frame away from being sprayed over. 
  • Long lasting performance, shiny drive train appearance and environment friendly - Revolube does not turn black over time due to ageing and operation, hence doesn't build up a black gunk residue, preventing environment contamination.
  • Depending on the usage, single application lasts between 6 -12 weeks and small required amounts and outstanding ageing resistance will provide you with clean drive train, rims, and frame for long time.
  • Like no other product on the market, Revolube has been tested thoroughly, in respect to ASTM standards, what constitutes it as a full throttle, certified product.




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Chris Silver - Professional Long Distance Triathlete at CES Sport, Cardiff

"Revolube Bicycle Chain Lube is an innovative, time saving and ultimately cost saving chain lube like none I have ever used before."

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Created by Brian Palmer back in 1996 TWMP has become a must-read blog for any fans of cycling.

"According to the folks at Revolubes, the product will not only maintain a healthy chain, but obviate any rust spots while it sits patiently in the bike shed for a day or two. I can positively attest to the latter."

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Harlow Cycling Page, Essex

"The Revolube products are outstanding. Really do what they say on the tin. I have been using Revolube cycle chain lube for over 6 months and the performance improvement has been really noticeable. Permanently clean chain after every ride"

 Full Review:
JUNE 2020




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