As can be seen in the table above, Revolubes has a significant advantage over its test competitors. It preserved its lubrication wedge at a maximum force of 1500 [N] ~ 150 [kg], which could have been applied to the system by hand, and even then the rotation could not be stopped.

Moreover, the value of the friction force has not increased substantially, despite the significant load differences.

The ampere-meter, which indicates the value of current flowing to the electric motor driving the cylinder, indicated the value has increased slightly (about 1 [A]), despite a significant change in load - from 300 [N] to 1500 [N].

The groove was also significantly smaller, as illustrated in the pictures below.

Grooves - 1 - No lubrication, 2 - Popular lubricant, 3 - Revolubes™
Note the heat marks on samples 1 and 2.